@Meteo_alarm twitter stream now available

  =   Update Nov.25.2009: The twitter name has changed to @meteo_alarm. Please update your bookmark or follow list. Between code refactoring and cooking new ideas, I took some time to add a new feature to Spincloud. Inspired by the crowd-sourced weather updates triggered by really bad snow storms in the UK, I (finally) started to see the… Continue reading @Meteo_alarm twitter stream now available

Spincloud now integrates with Europe’s weather warning service Meteoalarm

A short month after the initial public release of Spincloud, I am pleased to announce the addition of a new feature: integration with the European weather warning service Meteoalarm which provides the most relevant information needed to prepare for extreme weather, expected to occur over Europe.  The colors indicate the severity of the danger and… Continue reading Spincloud now integrates with Europe’s weather warning service Meteoalarm

@BreakingNewsOn map

I’m a bit of a news junkie and when I heard that a twitter stream called @BreakingNewsOn existed I did the natural geekish thing, mash it up. Yahoo pipes was my friend here. I haven’t used the Pipes before but that didn’t quite matter, Yahoo did a great job keeping this playgroundsy product in the child realm so… Continue reading @BreakingNewsOn map

Announcing a new weahter mashup: Spincloud

I started working on Spincloud back in 2003 when I got interested in regular expressions. I liked them so much I started looking for large sets of freely available data that I could crunch. Weather data was quite appealing; not only I’d parse it but I could get instant feedback by just looking at the parsed… Continue reading Announcing a new weahter mashup: Spincloud

libcurl.3.dylib and Google Earth

I just installed Google Earth on my mac. It went smooth, the software was installed under Applications but when I launched it I got this: The application Google Earth quit unexpectedly. Hit the Report button and got: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libcurl.3.dylib  Referenced from: /Applications/Google Earth.app/Contents/MacOS/libge_net.dylib Reason: image not found I actually upgraded libcurl a while… Continue reading libcurl.3.dylib and Google Earth

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Gmail themes, skin deep

Today was my lucky day according to least one popular blog. I got the Themes tab enabled in my gmail account, wohoo! I only wish they could change the font sizes too, I’m up for a microscopic look’n feel, really small and cozy-cute. My current favorite is the Shiny theme: Now, if only googlers would add a Cover Flow option instead… Continue reading Gmail themes, skin deep

Deus ex Machina

I love Hollywood movies. They project a surreal world that in which all stories have a happy ending. Whenever the hero seems to be cornered and rapidly heading to his doom, a last-second turn of events allows him to escape. This is deus ex machina. God from the machine. To the rescue. I’m thinking back… Continue reading Deus ex Machina


I like RESTful URLs. They clearly express the intent of the provided resource. We humans speak a language close to REST when we talk to The Internet.  Take a look at Google’s RESTful search query, probably the most used RESTful URL ever: http://www.google.com/search?q=your-terms-of-choice in freeform language this translates to: “Google, search for this term.” How… Continue reading REST is DSL