Mac wars

humpOh, that “I’m a Mac” commercial is on the TV again. Then some ugly new ad where some webcam people defend the PCs on behalf of Microsoft: “I’m a PC”. While my brain was tricked into an attempted wash, I realized that I’m not any of it.I’m a human being.

I’m not trying to help you here Redmond but voila, here’s one good ad slogan:

I am not a machine. I’m a human being. And I use a PC.®


VoidI’ve considered myself a Java guy (that’s before I recently started with Ruby). I’ve stumbled upon Java in 1998 and fell in love with it at first sight. I remember quite crisply my first encounter of the third kind with Hello World. But I confess, I only learned about java.lang.Void yesterday. I was digging through the SwingWorker concepts and as I went through the tutorial I was intrigued by a mention about the Void type in the Simple Background Tasks section.
I already experimented with the SwingWorker before reading the tutorial and liked it except for the annoying return and interim results types as I’m migrating an ancient Java 1.1.8 GUI to JDK 6 at work and those Runnable classes I’m thinking of converting to don’t have any return types.

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My very first mac: one with the machine

I just bought my first MacBook yesterday. My current laptop (a beaten down Toshiba Satellite) was long overdue and I realized that I didn’t want yet another boring Win notebook, it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I’m in front of a PC every day at
work and I surely don’t want to see the same things while at home. And so I was determined to buy a Mac. My first Mac. I didn’t know that much about Apple and still don’t (imagine that)…
I waited until the new MacBooks were announced (no rush, I don’t know much about these machines anyway) and I started to do my research. A $1500 laptop seems a reasonable price for a good laptop and I had two requirements: not that big and not that heavy. MBPs seemed too expensive so my choices were the 2.0 or 2.4 MacBook. I eventually choose the 2.4 version mostly because of the backlit keyboard.

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