Bootstrap your node.js project in the cloud

So you have a great website idea and you want to build and bring that first version online as fast as you can. You figured that node.js is the way to go. You kick-off the development and after a couple of hours of hacking you realize that although you’re progressing at breakneck speed you’re missing a few important bits:

  • – How do I better structure my project?
  • – I want to test this thing. I want unit tests, UI (headless browser) tests and public API tests (I want that API offering out too of course)
  • – I want proper CSS and html templating
  • – Looks like I need non-trivial request routing, I need more than the default provided

Oh, and after you have all of this, you want to be able to deploy it to a node-ready cloud environment like Heroku without hassle.

Enter bootstrap.js.

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