Deus ex Machina

I love Hollywood movies. They project a surreal world that in which all stories have a happy ending. Whenever the hero seems to be cornered and rapidly heading to his doom, a last-second turn of events allows him to escape. This is deus ex machina. God from the machine. To the rescue.

I’m thinking back at many movies I so enjoyed. Terminator, Die Hard (yeah, right), Batman, Ironman, Indiana. Deus ex machina all over. I denounce them.

Think of a Hollywood movie, any of them. Chances are it’s a Deus one.

I like Rocky 1 and Trainspotting. And Sex Traffic.

I know why I like the cheesy Deus’ movies. I know the ending, no surprises there. Shameless happiness at the end, the hero survives all impossible circumstances. Satisfaction guaranteed.

No more of this nonsense. Realism rocks. I’m not going to go watch any of these other movies anymore!

And yet I can’t look away.

Mac wars

humpOh, that “I’m a Mac” commercial is on the TV again. Then some ugly new ad where some webcam people defend the PCs on behalf of Microsoft: “I’m a PC”. While my brain was tricked into an attempted wash, I realized that I’m not any of it.I’m a human being.

I’m not trying to help you here Redmond but voila, here’s one good ad slogan:

I am not a machine. I’m a human being. And I use a PC.®