Upgrading to Spring 3.0.0.M3 and Spring Security 3.0.0.M1

A short two months back I posted an article describing how to upgrade to Spring 3.0 M2. Spring folks are releasing at breakneck speed and so I got busy again upgrading spincloud.com to Spring 3.0 M3 released at the beginning of May. Just yesterday (June 3rd) the team released Spring Security 3.0 M1 and I decided to roll this in Spincloud as well.

Upgrading Spring Security from 2.0.4 to 3.0.0 M1
For Spring Security 3.0.0 M1 I’m doing a “soft” upgrade since I had done my homework when I migrated from Acegi. I won’t use any of the new 3.0 features, just getting ready to use them.

To digress a bit, Spring Security a technology that is harder to swallow due to its breadth. To simplify the picture, Spring Security (former Acegi) provides three major security concerns to enterprise applications:
– Authorization of method execution (either through standard JSR-250 JEE security annotations or via specific annotation-based method security).
– HTTP Request authorization (mapping URLs to accessible roles using Ant style or regexp’ed paths, dubbed channel security).
– Website authentication (integrating Single Sign On (SSO) services by supporting major SSO providers, HTTP BASIC authentication, OpenId authentication and other types).
For Spincloud I’m using OpenId for authentication and Channel Security to secure website pages.
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