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On Engineers and Technicians

The Software Engineering field is a liberal one with a relatively low barrier to entry. Formal education is valued less than hands-on experience but that tends to be difficult to accurately measure. The industry came up with various solutions to

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Five years of weather in a timelapse

This has been a long time coming, five years actually. Spincloud went live in January 2009 and I’ve added the temperature heatmap overlay a few months later. The heatmap and the corresponding map overlay is generated once an hour and

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A TinyGPS upgrade adding NMEA v3.0 and GLONASS support

TL;DR: Checkout my forked, adding GLONASS and NMEA 3.x support and that it’s fully compatible with the original TinyGPS and Arduino. It’s been too long of a dry streak on my blog (four years!) but in the mean time

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My very first mac: one with the machine

I just bought my first MacBook yesterday. My current laptop (a beaten down Toshiba Satellite) was long overdue and I realized that I didn’t want yet another boring Win notebook, it just doesn’t do it for me anymore. I’m in

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