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Building a content aggregation service with node.js

Fetching, aggregating and transforming data for delivery is a seemingly complex task. Imagine a service that serves aggregated search results from Twitter, Google and Bing where the response has to be tailored for mobile and web. One has to fetch

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Using Spring 3.0 MVC for RESTful web services (rebuttal)

Update Mar.04 Thanks to @ewolff some of the points described below are now official feature requests. One (SPR-6928) is actually scheduled in Spring 3.1 (cool!). I’ve updated the post and added all open tickets. Please vote! This post is somewhat

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Upgrading to Spring 3.0

In the spirit of beta I’m upgrading to Spring 3.0. I’m using version 2.5.6 currently but it’s missing REST support and I had to use Carbonfive’s REST library which worked like a charm. Now it’s time to get back

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I like RESTful URLs. They clearly express the intent of the provided resource. We humans speak a language close to REST when we talk to The Internet.  Take a look at Google’s RESTful search query, probably the most used RESTful

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