Mobile internet is here to stay

Since I went back from vacation (Easter with family back home in Romania) I got quite interested in the mobile internet. This was the first time I wasn’t going to internet cafes or asking buddies to let me use their internet (and their PCs).
I have a beaten Nokia 3100 that works both in RO and here in Toronto. I was playing with it in my first vacation days back home, exploring the features of my romanian mobile carrier (I love the *…# service commands, they remind me of dumb terminals) and I noticed that they had a new offering, mobile internet. Configuration was a breeze and I found myself browsing the internet a few minutes later. Email, news, even checking if my websites are still up and running; they were all there where I left them.
Needless to say that from that day I didn’t step into an internet cafe anymore to get my fix.

I also got a lovely gift from Corina around the same time, an iPod Touch. Since I’m a fan of Apple’s products I couldn’t be happier and since I started using it I realized that I use my regular laptop less and less. I’m using the iPod Touch more to check Email, news, weather, live TV (gotta love France24) and play the occasional game, than to listen to music. The experience is more condensed and focused and so I spend less time to find what I’m looking for. Mobile internet experience achieved the goal that it’s parent couldn’t: ease of use.

Funny that I had to go back home to find it out.
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